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Went for the first time yesterday with a group of friends and we had a blast! :-) We set the ... read more record apparently for shortest time with no clues so that was awesome! I've done a few escapes at other places before but I have to say the clue coherency and multiple room aspect really wowed me with this place! Great job to the staff/room designers!

Never been to an escape room before, but friends dragged me out. The game was way more fun than I ... read more expected, and the managers seemed to really enjoy messing with us throughout the game. Would definitely recommend.

We were so close in maritime grave, good time. Definitely going back again.

I went to the zombie apocalypse this weekend and the whole production was incredible. Especially the zombie makeup!

Had an absolute blast this weekend, equipment felt so real, it completely took me by surprise. I can not wait ... read more until the next big event. I wish they had this type of game every weekend.

Me and my friends had went to a couple escape rooms over the summer, this one by far has been ... read more the best. It's requires a lot of team work and thinking skills. It wasn't easy nor was it hard it was a fun challenge for me and my friends, we really enjoyed it. The Bane Haunted House escape the room challenge was really thrilling and creepy it made me want to work faster to find my way out. Great Experience!

I loved it! Just wish they had more zombies! And it lastest for like 40 minutes which was awesome!

What a fun experience. We went to the zombie tour in Flemington a couple of months ago and were ... read more highly disappointed as there were about 10 zombies, other groups filtered in to ours so they were taking "our" zombies, and the entire thing took 15 minutes. We decided to give Bane a glad we did. Found the whole thing to be very well organized. They only let one group in at a time so we didn't encounter any one else the whole time, which was about 40 minutes. Plenty of zombies, lots of good scares, and an overall great time. Looking forward to checking out the haunted house this Fall.

This was def a great experience. It was fun for my 8 year old as well and my husband and ... read more I. Would def. recommend and would def come back. Only issue was it said special ops does Apocolypse Escape and World tour and wasnt sure we did both because it was one big giant maze.

Welcome to the Communication Matrix

The Communication Matrix has created a free assessment tool to help families and professionals easily understand the communication status, progress, and unique needs of anyone functioning at the early stages of communication or using forms of communication other than speaking or writing.

"I am very excited about using this Matrix as part of our assessment and treatment plan for students with ASD." - Special Education Teacher

Our Community includes an active forum where SLPs, teachers, families, and researchers can connect, share information, learn from the field, and offer and receive support.

"I love a focus on complex communication needs. Frequently I look at sites or information that does not apply to my students. It is great to have a site that focuses on the students I work with." - Parent

The Communication Matrix is a free online assessment tool created to help professionals and family members support people with severe communication disorders in their journey toward greater self-expression.

Visit our Community Forum, a resource for anyone who supports someone with a severe communication disorder. Family members, educators, professionals, and researchers use the Forum to educate themselves and support each other.

The Communication Matrix is a service of the Design to Learn Projects at Oregon Health Science University © 2018 Charity Rowland, Ph.D.

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The information you enter in the assessment is completely secure and cannot be identified. When you use this free service, we ask you to provide some very basic information about the individual you are assessing (gender, age, ethnic background, country of residence, disability and specific impairments) and your relationship to that person. However, we have no way of indentifying who has used this service.

Rouges chapelles

Chambre Froide Bordeaux, France

Contact Chambre Froide

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